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The Soul of the Matter

Ten original jazz compositions by Sammy Tedder, Rene Arbogast and Joe Hutto. This instrumental album features the alto, soprano, tenor and bass saxophones with flute, recorders, flugel horn and trumpet accompanied by Sammy's keyboard and percussion programming. Smooth jazz, traditional jazz, blues, Latin, Celtic and Native American styles flavor this wonderful combination of works.
Saxophones, Keyboards, Recorders & River Cane Flute: Sammy Tedder
Flute: Sandy Tedder
Flugel Horn &Trumpet: Rene Arbogast

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Song Titles:
Perpetua's Dream
Dance of the Water Thrush
When a Flower Blooms
Peruvian Nights
Faces in the Clouds
Moon Shadows
Southern Light
Golden Gate
The Soul of the Matter
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