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Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades

..... "Your latest music CD, Big Cypress Swamp-The Western Everglades, has made my days pass in peace. Thanks so much for creating music that relaxes my soul and helps me pass that feeling of peace on to others..."   

Niki Butcher

"Some words to describe your music... prayerful, reverent, ethereal, spacious, poignant, beautiful. You have really gone somewhere new with this... though it springs straight from your foundation work."  

Dean Gioia

Apalachicola River: An Anerican Treasure

....."the film also boasts an atmospheric soundtrack by accomplished musician Sammy Tedder. The music, which is at times haunting, is a perfect match for the amazing cinematography that really captures the scenic beauty of the river". - Briege McGarrity, Independent Film Quarterly - 2007 Cannes Special Edition

You just canít say enough about the soundtrack music composed and performed by Sammy Tedder. Tedder composes his score against an audio backdrop of natural sound recorded in the wild. Through the miracle of overdubbing, Tedder manages to play almost all the instruments heard, including the river cane flutes he meticulously constructs by hand from cane growing along the banks of the Apalachicola River.

Ed Tiley - Forgotten Coast Line

Living Waters

Sammy Tedder's soundtrack CD, Living Waters, combines two of my favorite types of music--jazz and the sounds of nature. It is difficult to express the joy of music in words, but the pleasure of hearing Sammy's music is well worth the effort and so I sit on my porch listening to Living Waters as my body melds into my chair and I feel the stress ebb away.

Clyde Butcher

From the Land of Many Rivers...

His CD, "From the Land of Many Rivers", is a collection of ethereal's trippy, it's soothing, it's beautiful...

Mark Hinson - Tallahassee Democrat
Download Sammy Tedder's music from CDBABY

Download Sammy Tedder's music from iTunes