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About Making River Cane Flutes

a nature film by Sammy Tedder

Playing Time: 1 Hour and 3 Minutes

"North Florida has been blessed with an almost overwhelming ecological diversity-- a diversity and abundance of life that is paradoxically defined by its rarity. In hidden ecological enclaves of the northern gulf coastal plain, there still exists an exotic profusion of living things that could bring to mind the mysterious extravagance of a coral reef. That one person could so definitively and completely capture this wondrous ecology is simply sublime. Like the unlikely phenomena he unrelentingly pursues and captures so exquisitely, Sammy Tedder is that rare creature who has somehow mastered more art, technology and knowledge of the natural world, than can be explained by the possibilities that a single human life can afford. All who know and love this ecology must experience this remarkable film."

  - Joe Hutto

Here are sample movie clips from Local Waters featuring songs from the album TRANSITIONS.

Panacea featuring the title song, Transitions.

Savannah Lands

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